Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I want a carnation.

(the title is so random.)

I was struck by this particular quote.

“Meeting someone and having a very positive and powerful attraction to them right away is a sign that this is someone we have loved well before.”

I don’t believe in reincarnation however.

A myth by Amr Al-Makki.

God created the hearts seven thousand years before the bodies and kept them in the station of proximity to Himself and He created the spirits seven thousand years before the hearts and kept them in the garden of intimate fellowship (uns) with Himself, and the consciences -- the innermost part -- He created seven thousand years before the spirits and kept them in the degree of union (waṣl) with Himself. Then he imprisoned the conscience in the spirit and the spirit in the heart and the heart in the body. Then He tested them and sent prophets, and then each began to seek its own station. The body occupied itself with prayer, the heart attained to love, the spirit arrived at proximity to its Lord, and the innermost part found rest in union with Him.

Conscience -> Spirit -> Heart -> Body

Then conscience is in the spirit, the spirit is in the heart, and the heart is in the body.

The body is not forever ours.

We didn’t carry our hearts to the afterlife either…or will we?

Spirit defines us, and conscience accompanies us.

Is it possible for us to be born again in this world? I am led to believe that the reason we are here is to prove our worth and overcome all these trials.

Hajj is a trial as well.

Adam and Eve didn’t come to this world for fun—they did a terrible mistake, and they were here as a punishment, to repent themselves.

You couldn’t possibly get a second chance, could you?

Thus, reincarnation – not possible in my book. Even the Quran has stated several times that we will all be resurrected on the judgment day, and that’s where all of our deeds will be calculated, to hell, or to heaven, only God knows.

If we did well in this life, then we’ll be awarded with an afterlife that we deserved. The world is a platform to show our worth, to show that we are not as vulnerable and weak, to show that we can overcome every trial that lands on our way.

I’m repeating myself.


More on that later.


Dan said...

This is interesting :) I must say, I have experienced too many episodes of deja vu, too many coincidences, and too many "reminders" of events prior to this lifetime to discount reincarnation.

Have you ever considered getting a past life reading? You should look someone up on eBay that does them and try it one day - even if it means nothing to you in the end, it'll be fun to hear what they have to say!

Huda said...

I experience a lot of deja vu as well! :D And met a couple of people that I felt very familiar and close to. It was something curiously odd, but I believe it is more of something that the mind perceives while we're in unconscious mode, like we could see or grasp the future unconsciously in our dreams or something.

And yes! I did read a lot of topic concerning past life :D Mostly has something to do with Hinduism since they believe strongly in reincarnation. But in the end, I thought that if we are here in a never-ending cycle, then what is our identity? Is it the current me, the future me, the past me? And how are we going to be reevaluated after we go to the astral plane?

So I was deeply curious...and about trials in life too...so yes, that's just my two cents. XD