Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stalking the Flags...

I’m not sure how many times I’ve mentioned this to other people, but really, drawing KSA’s flag is kind of hard.

I mean, look at the flag! (...and yes, if you happened to see your feedjit bombarded with this little green flag, then it's probably me...)

(But hey! I usually left a comment so no worries about me stalking your blog or something...)

Writing the Khat is really harder than it looks. To make it as neat as the above is definitely a tedious task. It's actually a rather complicated flag...

That being said, some countries have a fairly simple flag. I was browsing my Feedjit tracker (*gulp*) and noticed quite a few things.

Ireland and India kind of have the same color combination, didn’t they? XD (The Ireland flag was below the Indian flag at the time and I was like, “Hey…!” Not sure how I get a hit from India though. And Ireland, well…I did stalk a lot of blogs from Ireland didn’t I? wahahaha D:)

And I come to notice that lots of European countries use the three colors combination on their flags as well.

Cookies to you if you can guess the country of this flag :D (it's a friend of mine)

And the flag of United Kingdom doesn’t look that difficult to draw either.

(oh yeah I stalked a whole lot of blogs from the UK too D:)

Oh oh and the Australian flag reminds me of the similarities between the Star Spangled Banner and the Jalur Gemilang.

But I must say, drawing the Japanese flag must’ve been the easiest task of them all. Just take a white paper, stamp a red dot on it, and voila! The flag of Japan!

...which brings you to the point of this rather pointless post.

The other day, I saw the flag of Japan waving on my tracker feed thing…and I went, OH NO MY SISTER!

But my sister uses Safari and her laptop runs on Mac OS-don’t-know-which-one so it can’t really be her, can it?

So I asked with a grin on my face, “Hey did you use Internet Explorer? :D”

Of course, she replied, “Why would I wanna use IE on a Mac?”

I suppose hinting that a Mac person might be using IE is an insult of its own.

But I digressed. “You see I saw someone going to my blog from my FB and that person’s from Japan so it’s must be youuuu!!!111!!”

Well, I didn’t really say it like that.

I typed, “Well I saw someone visited my blog, and that person is from your place, but that person’s using IE and Windows Vista, and that person read every post that I published, and yeah I know, those are stupid postsss. Why did I write those things again? Oh, and yeah, I thought it was you. T.T”

To that, my sister replied, “Whoa need to investigate who uses IE then huhu”

I don’t really mind the identity of that person but I kind of wish he/she could leave a comment and break my theory about my sister stalking me. D:

And I saw a couple of other flags as well and I thought, “Oh no is this my aunt, hey is this my brother, hey is that—”

Yeah, if this thing bugged me so much I shouldn’t have bother with the tracker—should have deleted it, or plainly ignored it—but seeing them visiting my blog makes me very happy. (*^^*) Despite how I don’t get what so interesting about this place anyway, with them coming back each time…

Yes yes I hate that feeling very much, and that’s why I commented on every single blog I've visited. D: Does that annoy you? No? Yes?

Oh well. :D

Anytime you visit me, say hello~ It’ll make a blog’s author very, very happy indeed. (*^^*)

(and add me on Twitter. I don't mind.)

P/S: I still conclude that drawing KSA's flag is not as easy as it looks. Or as hard as it looks. Oh well. :D


iman ka said...

huda, nak ym.

iman ka said...

and yes england's flag is easier to draw unlike yours. buwekkk :P

Huda said...

blergh :P

...yeah I don't know why I blogged about flags in the first place... XD

email your inquiries at niida_xisa at yahoo dot com wahaha XD

Nashuha said...

hi huda... its me from malaysia~

bambino said...

haha, best ar ade feedjit... tapi sitemeter lagi detail :P

Huda said...

Nashuha: Ye ke ko from Malaysia...

bambino: sitemeter takde gambar bendera :P takleh nak lukis wahaha :P