Thursday, January 7, 2010

When the green overtook the brown... :O

On that particular day, I returned home, fully clothed from head to toe—literally, I wore gloves and covered my eyes with the veil because the sun was very, very harsh, and I wore sneakers as well—when I noticed something odd, and quite enthralling to be honest.

I snapped some pictures, thinking of posting it on facebook, but then I was reminded that I don’t like to update my stuff on facebook all that much.


Thus, the photos remained untouched, accumulating dust (can you find dust in a SD card though?) later forgotten by yours truly…


I heard the photos cried at nights, begging me to be published. Sorry photos, I do want to publish you, but not exactly on facebook.

Then I think someone hit me at the head—I think it’s the camera—no no, it’s just someone else’s blog, and it was—Hey I COULD post those in my blog!


Why does the thought have never occurred to moi before? D:


Anyway, you’ve probably known this, but there was a heavy downpour in KSA earlier (precisely during Hajj time). The place that suffered the most was Jeddah—the city was heavily drowned with flood. It was severe, alright, but if you want more information about that, then I advise you to google it, since I am prone of giving false information you see. :D

Without further ado…let’s have a closer look!

This is a typical sky in KSA…

(oooh blueeee....and the sun is definitely unbearable here, mostly due to the lack of clouds. But the plus point of having clear sky is that you can gaze at the moon during night time and see every imperfection and freckle that the moon possessed. Really. The moon looks so big here. And clear. And blinding. Ahhh me eyessss D:)

This is how the sky looks like during my stay in Arafah (the day after the heavy downpour).

(was supposed to snap that helicopter…but ehh, you can see the thick clouds all the same :D)



Well, since rain and clouds are such a rarity in this country, you can bet that the land is mighty dry with constant sandstorm blowing at your face, all the while lacking the greenery…

near sunset...

in the morning...

But after the rain, look! The greens have begun to monopolize the land. :D

…as well as the mosquitoes.

Oh well, you gain some, you lose some. (and by that I mean, losing my freedom from the mosquitoes species…)

P/S: There’s a reason behind God’s every action. You might think that it’s bad, but if you look closer, then you’ll see the blessing in disguise.

There’s a reason why you drank mineral water instead of juice. D: The juice could contribute to sore throat…for example. Mineral water is better to quench the thirst. Yes. Yes.


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