Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poem: Me, or We?

How good would it be, to live on your own,
Absolute solitude, nothing to be frown,
No friends, no trouble, no one to play along,
A pure heart perhaps, for nothing could go wrong.

How good would it be, to live in company,
Happiness, joyfulness, sadness and grief,
Backstabbing, sorrows, and all of the lies,
But rewards you will have, for helping those in dire.

Yet without a friend, how could it be,
No one will care, no one will see,
Alone in the darkness, with barely a flicker of lights,
Though less chances, of blacking the heart with fights.

But what would happen, to those with friends?
Everyone will care, never too dense,
Yet the tongue could slip, and even the mind,
Accumulating sins, for the sake of your guise.

What to do, which to be,
I lived them both, and it felt kind of funny,
Living without friends, was cool and cozy,
Living with friends, was warm and snuggly.

Things had its drawback, I came to see,
The blackness of heart, or the sincerest purity,
Depends on oneself, no matter how he’ll be,
For sins could be found, even in the gentlest of morning breeze.

But it was nice at least, to have a caring personality,
Could be a stranger, or maybe, one of your your family,
Thus don’t shun them off, this was your opportunity,
To look at the world, in all of its glory.

P/S: I was doodling. Not my finest work, but my head was practically begging me to write this down. D: And I figure I should post it…oh well. D: heeee XD and I have no idea what to name this poem. D: seriously no idea! XD sorry for the lameness :3

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