Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hate is such a strong word.

You know there’s something wrong with me when the total of this month’s blog posts exceed the actual date.

And you know there’s something wrong with me when I’m supposed to read books yet here I am reading blogs.

But truthfully, my mood has been kind of low lately. I can’t help but distract my mind with whatever it is that could get me distracted, and that includes hopping like mad I guess.

I hate how you’ve tried your best to not aggravate a person with your demeanor or even your words, but others take that for granted and treat you like they are the boss of the world.

I hate how you care for their feelings all the time but never did they care about yours.

I hate how close-minded some people can be. Shouldn’t they expand their minds a little bit and look at things in a different perspective?

I hate how when they are in trouble, you help them unconditionally, yet when it’s your turn, they seem to not notice.

I hate how someone decided to ignore you for no reason at all.

I hate on keeping a straight face all the time.

But most of all, I hate how mere things like this could affect me more than it should.

P/S: And get this. I hate these feedjits thingy and things like that. Whenever I hop (with a devil smile plastered on my face) around people's blogs, I saw this green flag trailing my way. Like, people will know instantly that this stalker is me leh! Ahhhh get off me~~~ (but you can't do anything bad because this flag is sacred...what's with the kalimah syahadah on it. But that's beside the point.)

Waaaah you can't become invisible even on the internet. Ceit.