Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's better to fill those empty heads with fuzzy wuzzy happy stuff.

When you’re depressed or feeling slightly low, you should never, ever…

1. Poke someone.
2. Disturb others.
3. Especially strangers.
4. Prickle someone’s nerves.
5. Act like a lunatic.
6. Especially in front of strangers.
7. Very uncouth you see.
8. And will give you such a bad impression.
9. And will cause your face to be permanently streaked with natural blusher.
10. Which sounds kind of awesome.
11. Cuz you don't have to buy any of those blushers—okay, I’m getting out of topic.
12. …
13. Yeah stop troubling others with your insanity!

But if you somehow did the unthinkable (examples above)…

Then just keep a straight face.

And smile. :D


Oh, and if they asked, just give them the most blatant reply you could think of.

With a straight face, of course.

That is all. :D

P/S: I’m very cheered up now because some of my friends are being just as insane as yours truly but I somehow spread the insanity far than necessarily…to a stranger no less.

Oh well.






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