Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kill it or save it?

(I was thinking of posting about Umrah, but decided not to.)

(I also thought of posting about this amusing thing, but suddenly I don’t have the motivation.)


Oh Nashuha, why must you live at the other side of the continent and sleep earlier than me? I need to talk to you pronto. Now I have no one to talk to, just my blog, but my blog couldn’t sooth me you know. Well, serve you right for knowing my secret! Muahahaha D: 


Have you had the feeling that you like something, tried to acquire it with all of your power, did every possible thing that you could, but then you hate it with all of your passion, wanting it to vanish for eternity, never to be seen by your eyes again? You want it like nobody’s business at first, but out of a sudden, your confidence crumbled, and all you ever wanted is to have nothing to do with that thing.

This…thing. *wargh kills it with a machinegun*

Now, what should you do when this thing happen?

First, talk to someone that you trust.
>My secretkeeper is in dreamland.

Second, clear up your mind.
>My mind is clear, but my senses are depressed.

Third, distract your mind.
>Distracting now! I feel less like a loser.

Fourth, reevaluate your choices with your rational mind. Weigh down the pros and cons, and don’t let your emotions blind you.
>Now this is hard.

If you’re having difficulties with step number four, it is wise to ask for help from your trusted person.
>But she’s asleep!

If you’re having difficulties with the previous step, it is wise to keep on distracting your mind.

When your emotions are all behind you, then weigh down the possibilities and make your decision.

Make sure that once the decision is made, stick with it, and don’t let any foreign sensation clouded your heart again.
>I’ll try.


Ladies and gentlemen, if you are having difficulties in making choices, then kindly follow my brain’s advice. I know, she sounds like a robot, but well, you know how brains are.

(okay I kid it’s all me I’m just having this rare drama queen moment)

Hope this post proves useful.

:D <- a forced grin.

I need to be cheered up. T_____________________T

EDIT: After much thinking, I've decided that my quest in life is to make everyone happy. Yay? :D <- this is a genuine grin.

EDIT2: I think I've just made someone very, very happy and that made me happy too (*^^*) ngeeeh :D


Nashuha said...

ouch.. ouch.. ouch..

so sorry dear..

last two day, i went to 'oversea'... i mean, singapore.. having a crazy day trip..
tired.. tired..

yesterday, a tired day too.. shopping and shopping.. hehe
i was forgot to on YM.. sleep early.. and bla bla bla...

tonight oke! meet u at cyberspace~ miahahaha~

Huda said...

Haha I know XD saw your pictures and everything :D

I'm still kinda sad though

wargh give me a machinegun DX *kill this sad feeling*

haish x.x