Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inferiority, Rejection, Jealousy...

(And then there’s the study of human’s emotions…which I have no idea about.)

(It all started when she began to talk about the matters of the heart and want us to submit our own opinions. And me: O.O NOOOOO WARGH NOOOOO >.<)

(Seriously, I think everyone is taking revenge on me. >.>)

(Oh well.)

A dainty poetry could portray a thousand emotions through a single sentence, could be interpreted in every way imaginable, and could be related by anyone with different circumstances. All it takes is to keep asking questions, and you’ll get your answers.

Providing you have enough clue, of course.

Inferiority, Rejection, Jealousy…well, these are common topics to be brought up.

The Weed and the Rose
>I am nothing but a lowly weed, scentless and wild, completely ordinary in the garden of bloom. Yet you chose me instead of the heavenly roses, captivating me with your stupendous persona. Your presence is too much to bear, I am fragile and not all that rare, so why, I come to think, that you chose me, instead of them?

The Weed is having some confidence issues.

I don’t blame it—her.

But then, we would ask the girls, “Why would you choose a simple summer dress instead of a pair of elaborate jeans?”

Well, comfort aside, I suppose the right answer would be, it all depends on our preference. We may not think that we are up to their standards, but in the end, their opinions hardly matter. The only opinion that you should hear is the one that comes out from the significant person’s mouth.

I’ll be frank and admit that when I saw these people with their loved ones, I often wonder, what did they see in their significant ones, so much for them to act like a fool?

Yes, I am often amazed on how love could turn you into a fool.


Blergh blergh blergh

Oh yes.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Now, back to topic.

If your significant other thinks that you’re perfect, then that’s the only thing that matters. Who cares if others beg to differ, they’re just jealous so blah. Shoo.

You’re perfect for him, so you shouldn’t say things like, “I’m much inferior to him…I don’t deserve his—”


Again, I’ve concluded that it’s just a matter of preferences, and beauty is indeed, in the eyes of the beholder.

But then, there’s this, “You’re perfect for me. I must have you despite how you seem to think otherwise!"

The Diamond and the Gold
>I am someone worthy of his throne, delicate and unique, together, we bond. But why, oh why, did he take my heart away, and plunge it simply, with nothing much to say?

It just so happens that the diamond didn’t find the allure of a rose gold as enchanting as say…platinum.

Rejection has become too common it’s almost scary. It takes a whole lot of courage to step up and confess your feelings, and even then, you couldn’t be sure of the outcome.

It’ll be mighty dandy is he accepts your confession, but what if he rejects it?

Major awkward alert.

Definitely more awkward if both of you are friends.

I suppose you shouldn’t pursue a person who didn’t return your feelings. It could annoy him greatly, and well, try to open your eyes and see the world from a different perspective.

You’re not going to let a man destroys your life, would you?

(because I heard it all the time, “I will die if he leaves me!”)

…no comment.

Stop being weak for once and handle rejection with grace! Maybe he’s not the one, maybe he’s not good enough for you, or maybe it’s the total opposite…

But nonetheless, what is life without trials? You just need to keep searching, and don’t hang on something that wouldn’t give you the comfort you seek.

Then again, the heart of a person could change, and sometimes, there are rare cases of being possessive.

The Bee and the Nectar
>For years, I held my nose high, unwilling to make way, unwilling to compromise. Yet why did I feel, a slight tinge of jealousy, when he finally found a she, and that is not me?

You’ve rejected him, you thought you didn’t care, but once he’s out from your reach, you sought for him.

That’s not admirable at all.

I hate when that happened, because then, you’ll be ruining a perfectly well relationship, and you’ll be planting false hope in his heart.

If the sight of a person used to appall you so much, then why bother now? What is this feeling? Is it love, or is it possessiveness?

Let them be happy. You’ll find your own happiness sooner or later, if you persevere.

So I’ve concluded that…

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your own flaws. You are a diamond in the rough to his eyes, despite what others say.
Accept rejection with dignity. Do not hang on something that could only graze your heart with pain.
Do not lick your own spit. Ngahahaha. Eww? :D

YAY FOR CONCLUDING WHILE BLOGGING. Multitasking is awesome. :D

P/S: Post paling poyo.

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