Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rest in Peace

Something that I know pretty well (and learned) by now is that after the death of a person, he didn’t rise to the skies just yet, but linger on earth for a good seven days.

I couldn’t find more information about it on the net, which is odd, but well, you can never trust the internet much nowadays, especially not concerning sensitive topic as this.

(Believe me...don't believe me...I don't really care.)

That is why, people with a faint heart or weak resistance aren’t recommended in attending funerals. Not because of the whole corpse looks spooky or anything, it’s because the soul is still there, watching your every move, before finally saying goodbye.

(and also, some people have their own companion, and the companion will be there as well, but let’s not venture into that topic.)

So take the chance to wish wellness and pray for your deceased loved ones, may he could rise to the skies without much difficulties, and may he will be placed amongst the good people.


In memory of our late Sultan.

Better late than never? :D

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