Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's study the Quran...with me! :D

(sungguh ku tidak dapat menahan kepoyoan tajuk itu...err...hmm.)

I’m thinking of polishing my translating ability, and aside from that, I really want to do this because I lost my way with my blog (supposed to be that, but I get that, and I want to be that, but I don’t want to lose that, and then there’s that, so that’s that, so I figure, what the heck, really. Hmm).

I think it’ll be a good method of understanding the Quran better, both for you and for me. :D

But first, I suppose I will tell you about the magnificent way of Arabic’s romanization.

(because I can’t write Arabic sentence with those fat7ah and others)
(so I will write the ayat—sentence—in Arabic font, and type a romanization under it, as well as the translation.)

So first! Things that you should know. :D

Due to the increasing usage of cell phone among teenagers (or something to that extend), a romanization chart was created, so that everyone can type in Roman alphabet without having the inconvenience of constantly switching to Arabic font. However, the Roman alphabets and Arabic fonts undoubtedly couldn’t be matched thoroughly with each other, so they’ve incorporated numbers into the romanization chart to make due with the lacking of alphabets.

So! Let’s get over it.

(bear in mind, I live in Saudi, precisely in Rabigh, which is near Jeddah, so the people here mainly use the Hijazi slang—or something like that. I myself have been using that pronunciation as well, since it’s the one that I’ve been exposed to, so I will use that slang in my translation posts. Other parts in the world speak the words differently, and that is especially prominent in Egypt, and I will discuss it later if I have the chance, but let’s not stressed about that at the moment.)

Let’s begin!

• ا = a (say aaa…yeah, that’s how you pronounce it.)

• ب = b (baa baa black sheep. Okay I should stop being silly.)

• ت = t (bit your tongue and say tta.)

• ث = t’/th – but I prefer th (bit your tongue and blow some air and say thaaa…)

• ج = j (just like Jim)

• ح = 7 (take a deep breath and blow out a hard HA!. Really, you need to be harsh. HAA!)

• خ= kh/7’/5 – but I prefer 5 (scoffing sound. Do not spit. Okay sorry for the grossness. But your pronunciation needs to be pronounced! So practice those khooooooo with those saliva vibrating in your throat. Okay, major disgusting alert.)

• د = d (soft daaaa.)

• ذ = 'd (bit your tongue and try to say daa and zaa at once, leaning more towards daa. It will result in ddza…)

• ر = r (It will be better if you can roll your r.)

• ز = z (ZAAAAA simple.)

• س = s (slithering thin saaaaa that will make the glass shatters.)

• ش = sh/ch/s^ – but I prefer sh (just the sh in shampoo.)

• ص= capital S/9 – but I prefer 9 (thicker S. Don’t make it thin. Do not. D:)

• ض= capital D/9’ – but I prefer 9’ (thick DHO)

• ط = 6 (place your tongue on your palate and try to say, THO.)

• ظ = Z/6’ (some people pronounce it as dzo but in my place, it sounds more ddzo than dzzo. So in a way, zuhur actually sounds as – dhuhur with a twinge of z.)

• ع = 3 (tighten your throat and try to say ‘a or nga or…something like that.)

• غ = gh/8’ – but I prefer 8’ (deep from your throat, try to spit out GHO)

• ف = f (simple faa.)

• ق = q/8 – not sure which I prefer, but possibly 8. (because here, it’s more pronounced as go rather than qo. But try to speak in between k and g, or if you can’t, g will let you get away just fine.)

• ك = k (just a straightforward KAY.)

• ل = l (LALALA)

• م = m (MAMAMA)

• ن = n (NANANA)

• ه = h (HAHAHA…soft ha. Don’t need to spit it out or something.)

• و = w (WAWAWA...)

• ي = i/Y – depends. (yiyiyi. yayaya. Okay I shall stop now.)

That concludes this post for today. :D Make sure to tune more later for some fun…well I hope I’ll be able to provide some fun. Well, it’s fun!

Till we meet again. :D


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Nashuha said...

wey.. kalau kaw ngaja mengaji ni haa.. terbahak2 anak murid kaw ketawa... isk3.. he3..

but nice way to teach laaa... alternative kan.. n interesting...

semoga usaha murni kaw akn dberkati tuhan.. peace.. he3..

ameq said...

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Huda said...

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ye aku sudah gila. 8D

nashuha: terima kasih larrrr XD

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Nashuha said...

gile punye kaki spam la kamu ni, amer oii..

taubat..taubat~ :D