Friday, January 8, 2010


I was grinning idiotically—was supremely happy because something totally irrelevant made my day—when my friend yelled, "Hey I found your blog!!!"


Me: Urm…ehm…mmm…
Her: Can’t understand a thing though.
Me: *gasp* WHOA! YAY!!!


Wait you're not supposed to react like that, right?

Uhh, I don’t think so. >.>

Anyway, she further added, “Your blog’s title sounds like a guy’s name! Why??”


Well, not the first time I received such comments. XD

I remember back then, when I was 14, I was in a huge debate concerning the Korean boybands vs Japanese boybands in a forum—


I was fourteen…>.>

Oh and they thought I was a guy. So my opinion highly matters. From a guy’s perspective. Apparently. And it was about boybands.



Well, if we were to reminisce the history of my blog’s title, then we need to go back in time when I was 11 and nearly 12.

I was making one of the toughest decisions in my life!

Signature, I mean. :D

You need signature for plenty of things, bank accounts, passports, identity card, all those stuff…

And perhaps I was fretting about it more than necessary.

But really, I don’t want to constantly change my signature. Yup, don’t want that. So I studied my family’s signatures, and this was what I observed.

My first brother: AAH.
My second brother: AAH.
My third brother: AAH.

*irokhe duri…aah…*

And I remember commenting, “You three have identical signatures.”

They gasped.

And quickly lashed out, “No we don’t!”



I thought of using my initials as well, but then, it’ll be too short. And HAR (my initials) sounds exactly like the laugh of a pirate.

HARHARHAR… *eviiiilll*

*obviously was too obsessed with Monkey Island at the time*

My fourth brother noticed the similarities of our initials as well, thus he tried to make his signature slightly different.

It was ‘Catto’.

And if I remember correctly, it was derived from the word ‘Cattophobia’…whatever that means. Phobia of cats?


I’m thinking it has something to do with KRU.


And then there’s my sister—

“No you can’t see.”


Me: Aww—
Sis: Take your puppy eyes elsewhere!


My eyes are too small to be considered puppy-ish anyway. Perhaps cat-ish, slits and all.

But I think I saw her signature once, and it was HAR.

Now now…can’t possibly rely on my initials now can’t I??!

So I asked my parents, and these were their signatures.

Mother: ZAI

Maybe I should use Hud…

Father: RACHZ

That didn’t make sense at all…


I asked him about the significance of those letters, and this was his answer.

R is his name, A is his dad, C and H is his mom…

ME: What about this Z?
Dad: There’s a Z?? *looks* Oh yeah, Z…hmm. Well, that’s your mom.
Me: …oh.

I bet he just realized that.

I thought of using his ideas, and I came up with HARZ.

And my siblings were all, “HARZ HARZ HARZ…HARZ! FUNNY!”

“No, it’s Har zed.” (because you know, we pronounce Z as zed…or something…like that?)

“Harzed sounds funnier.”

That did sound kind of weak, huh.

“Then I’ll use Harzeq! Wahaha…harzeq.”

I’m sure they were trying very, very hard to contain their laughter.

And I always heard a faint snicker escaped from their lungs whenever they saw my signature.


Okay…so that is how…I gained the nickname. (I wasn’t aware that it’s a guy’s name at the time lol o.o)

Oh, and my signature too, of course.

Maybe I should change my blog’s title. D<


Anonymous said...

loooooooool eysh ta8oool ya hoda...walla ma fe7mto :P

Huda said...

erk lol

ma fa7mtu kaman 8D yalla 5la9 5la9! 5uruj min hena lol XD

Anonymous said...


ma ab8'o loooool

Nashuha said...

ya huda.. mengapakah mahu tukar? biarkan saja..

Huda said...

susah mau sebut.

wahaha XD