Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ins and Outs January Edition

The time has come…

Kind of.

Why did I make this thing again?

>J-urban songs with a lot of cool rappings…
>I’m not sure why but January is definitely the slacking off month.
>What DID I do this month, really? (except for the usual things of course)
>Oh yeah I did manage to squeeze a little bit of that and everything.
>And wrote some of the lengthiest comments ever. (your paper lacks the bla bla bla na na na la la la…)
>Okay I DID do something beneficial this month.
>The internet has been so dumb lately.
>I mean the connection.
>Not that it’s brainy in the first place.
>I sound so flat.
>I hereby declare that me in January is ultimate dullness.

>I’ve forgotten all about metal and opera.
>I’ve forgotten about everything.
>Wait I forgot.

Right, this is sad. Everything is lukewarm this month.

Oh well.

On a happier note (or sad note…whatever note…I don’t know what note…) I HIT PAN!!!

*because hitting a pan is an accomplishment for makeup users…it means you actually use them*

Then again…

OH NOESSS I HIT PAN!!! (okay this is definitely a sad note)

I can imagine it now…

*me walks around without spots of orange—I mean peach—on my cheeks*
(me no likey pink blushers…makes me look like a porcelain doll…I’m hardly a doll, I’m the wall)

Them: Are you sick?
Me: Huh? =.=
Them: You need to lie down?
Me: Hah?
Them: You need a time out!
Me: Erm…


Them: You look miserable.
Me: …*sigh*…
Them: Bad day?
Me: *forced smile*
Me: No…no…nothing like that. (La, la…maafi kida…) (<--Arabic lesson number one. La and maafi are some of the most important words to know. It means no and nothing. And it is used in almost every sentence. No this, nothing that, no that, nothing this. And this lesson is brought to you by the random mind of this blog’s author. I don’t know why. I just type it. LEYSHHH KIDA YA 3QIL?!)

That is true though, when I first walked by without spots of peaches (peach sounds a lot cuter and softer than orange…) they thought I was a walking corpse with bacteria flowing out of my skin.

Me: …
Me: …okay. You’ve asked for it. I’M LECHUCK!!!

(you…probably…won’t get that joke. Haa…)

Did I really look that horrendous?? Meeeeh…..

Now...to find a Japanese brand in the land of European cosmetics is another problem...

(oh and if you’re wondering that’s Canmake Cheek and Highlight in No 2 well the color is nice and sheer and the effect is natural but the glitters are too chunky so you might not like it that much and personally I think KATE and Majolica Majorca make better blushers drugstore-wise of course but hey if you have more budget you should totally splurge on Maquilllage Face Creator or Lunasol I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maquillage and hey more budget than that then snag yourself Benefit Coralista or Chanel Joues Contraste CORALISTA IS AWESOME really this blog has become too random for my own comfort but anyway take this one liner sentence without full stop review with a grand of salt but anyway really I do love these brands mentioned above JUST SAYING.)

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