Sunday, January 24, 2010

Attraction is a curious thing.

So, let’s see. Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual.

Those didn’t sound remotely off-putting or even odd nowadays.

It was considered taboo, once upon a time, but the society began to accept it more and treat it like a normal thing.

Although, I suppose in various religions, it’s still a forbidden thing. But some people couldn’t control their preference, I understand that.

It’s better to embrace it than fight it, right? Liking a girl and be happy is better than pretending to like a boy and be miserable. You only live once. You don’t want to die in misery. I want to say that maybe this odd feeling is a trial given by God to test your patience and faith, but not everyone believes in God, so I can’t really say much about that.

Still, it is a twisted thing. A female (Eve) was created from a male’s rib (Adam), so that the female would be close to his side, a sign that female and male belong together. Their love will continue to the heaven after they die, a throne for the king, a throne for the queen, with angels at their commands. There are no two kings, no two queens. Only a pair of king and queen, so you see, in various religions, there is no place for same-sex relationships, it’s simply not meant to be. Even naturally speaking, it couldn't be done. And by naturally, I mean...nature.

Reminds me of the ruckus over Ms California’s answer last year, where she said, “In my country, and in my family, I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

Religion aside, I learned that the reason why humans are attracted to each other is because they found their partner complimented their beauty and good for reproducing. Science is an odd thing, but yes, apparently the human’s instinct led them in finding the perfect companion for reproduction, producing offspring that will carry their legacy.

That is why, sometimes you’ll be attracted to those that carry the same features as yours. Most of the time, couples in marriage have striking resemblance with each other, and I heard it all the time while attending wedding ceremonies, “They look like siblings!” or, “How cute, he looks like her!”

…which sounds weird in that context, but trust me, it was a high compliment to be received by a couple.

Now, same-sex relationships just busted that theory, doesn’t it? There is something else that provoke attractions, and not only due to reproduction sake.

Because obviously you can’t reproduce with two…yeah…too much information alert? o.O

Anyway, I happened to attend a lecture on this subject the other day, and it froze my brain.

*scratch head*

(I’m beginning to think that I indeed learned the darnedest things nowadays…)

To the boys, do you find…uhh…The Kaulitz twins beautiful, by chance? (Tokio Hotel has definitely caught a lot of young maiden’s hearts…)
To the girls, do you find…urm…Megan Fox hot? (I can’t think of anyone else…)

Well, if you do, then apparently, you’re not 100% straight.

Oh wow WHAT?! XD

Now, I’ve been told that all of us stand on the middle of the line, and we are prone of liking men or women. Some girls are closer to the male side, thus liking men, while some others are closer to the female side, making them lesbian.

Or, you could waver from that other end to the other end and become both—bisexual.

Being 100% straight is simply impossible. At most, you’ll only be 99% straight. There’s always that 1% that distorted your orientation. You never know, you’ll find a girl hot one fine day.

Attraction is a bizarre thing, they said, and attraction didn’t recognize gender. It’s possible to be straight and like a girl at the same time. It just means that you’re 80% straight and 20% lesbian. Same could be said with men, and that’s why sometimes, when you look at someone, you found them exceptionally attractive, even though they are the same gender as you.

Now…Hmm. Well.

I don’t thoroughly agree with that. There is something called ‘respect’ and ‘admiration’, isn’t it? If I found a cat visually attractive, does that change my orientation? It’s not as if I want to hook up with a cat, right?

…that sounds weird.

Anyway, let’s take it this way. I’m sure that nearly everyone has seen plenty of beautiful celebrities on TV, and once in a while, will find them hot or attractive, enough to make your heart beat. You’ll gush over them, but there are those that you didn’t fall in love with, just merely appreciate the beauty and the talent, but still, you gush over them anyhow.

Is that possible? To appreciate the celebrity and not fall romantically?

Well, if she/he somehow found a partner in life, and you didn’t pluck your hair in rage, then yeah, you were attracted to them because of admiration. Not because of reproduction sake.

Or love. Okay.

I love two people, and those are xi and sa. Hence the xisa.

But not romantically, of course. I would gag before hooking up with either of them.

Now, xi happens to be male, and sa is a female. Does that make me bisexual?

When I was in the fandom, people looked at me strangely for not crushing over xi. I seem to like him for different reasons. And that was odd, apparently.

But I didn’t like him that way. I just simply admire him. Is that weird?

Same could be said with sa. And I happen to fangirl sa more than xi. Does that make me more lesbian?

I don’t think so. Never in my mind would I want to actually hook up with either of them.

It’s just merely respect and admiration.

And these things that say a girl admires another girl because she’s 20% lesbian, is laughable.

You don’t fall in love easily, you know.

Love is a magical thing.

…this post is strangely…


Finding people attractive, regardless of gender, doesn’t distort your orientation even further.

Attraction doesn’t necessarily attract love, but love depends on attraction.

I’m not making any sense.

Oh well.


P/S: I hope anyone wouldn't find this offensive. It's just that attraction is a very odd thing. That is all.


Nashuha said...

love is magical thing

datang tak bagi salam,
pergi tinggalkan luka,
selalu bikin tanda soal,
tak semestinya untuk dia..

love is subjective~

Huda said...

Translate translate :D

Came without a word,
Left with a throbbing pain,
Often triggering questions,
Doesn't mean it was for him.

Reply :D

Life is a trial, love made it sweet,
Yet sweet as it may, fatal it could be,
Patience and faith, that is all you really need,
To gain sensibility, and that sweet taste of victory.