Monday, January 18, 2010

The Attack of the Thirteenth Final Fantasy

Years back, I told my brothers that I’m going to save my money and buy Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII by my own, because none of them showed enough interest in playing the games as opposed to me.

I reckon they think that Final Fantasy is too sissy so it should only be played by girls like yours truly.

“Heeey,” I countered, “It was you who converted me to the glory of Final Fantasy world.”

“Final Fantasy is the ‘it’ game, once upon a time.”

And apparently, once upon a time is not now.

But I digressed. WATCH THE TRAILER!

(This is Final Fantasy XIII. Frankly, I adore the characters in Final Fantasy Versus XIII more.)

Seriously, I’ve been waiting for years! In fact, while watching this, I was on the verge of—of—

Hehehe. :D

But really, back then, I'd sit in front of the computer, always waiting for new updates, gawking at new pictures, replaying the leaked Japanese clips, punching my pillow at the thought of never playing this game—

(The reaction is more intense while watching Final Fantasy Versus XIII.)

(and oh. I haven’t checked on new updates lately because I’ve been busy…I suppose you can’t tell, but I really am busy you know. :P)

And now, at long last, the international version will finally be released in March, and I don’t have a PS3 or an XBOX360 with me.


Stuff like this makes you wish that you’re back in Malaysia. Because, you know, that’s where all the consoles are.


(well due to several reasons, Malaysia gives me goosebumps, and maybe I'll write more about it later, once I have enough motivation.)

(anyway, back to the actual topic…)

(would be MORE awesome if I have all the consoles with me right now)

(but ehh…I’ll make do with Machinarium, which, in my opinion, is a wonderful game as well.)

(check the trailer! Huhuhu)

(I still don’t have enough money to buy the games though.)

(and by games, I mean Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.)

(why am I writing in brackets? Oh eh.)

Okay so, that concludes this post. :D

P/S: pretty sure that I tagged nearly every post in this blog as 'random'...but this blog has indeed, been too random and personal for my own liking. Well. Oh well.

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