Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover...?

I was struck by these statements…

You’re really not what I expected you to be.


You look like you have multiple personalities.

I’m aware of these two statements. I’ve definitely been, perhaps, too reserved, or just plain quiet. Observant. Calculative. Blur. Boring. Uninteresting. Wait. Wait. Me don’t know. Wait.


My take on people’s impressions of me:

-Sour face


I think so, because I noticed how careful they were in approaching me, trying to break my so-called hard shell.

Yet, even if they did, I still have this thick jelly covering my existence, preventing them to read my mind.

I also seem to react differently when I was with different people, or so they said.

And it’s not fully applied to strangers either. I suppose I also act differently in front of relatives and families.

If he's older, then respect is highly necessary.
If he's younger, then fun is what I need to be.
If he's like me, then sorry, I will hide myself and you won’t ever see me.


I also acted that way in front of my siblings, and considering how I have four brothers and two sisters, then I guess I have six personalities.

I don’t think they noticed that, since the seven of us are rarely in the same spot at the same time. And even if they did, I have established myself as the weird one, the black sheep, the sore thumb, the dum dum dum :D

After all, I am responsible for all the weirdness that occurred in the family, and being known to add a touch of freakiness to everyone, the sight of me being weird, is not totally weird.

So really, if you did get past my cover, can you really decipher me?

Probably not.

Most usually, you’ll find me:

-can’t think of anything else


Or, in rare cases, you’ll find me:


Bear in mind...rare cases.

And even in those rare cases, you haven’t really discovered the me in reality.

That is to say, I don’t think anyone knows me as well as I do. Yes that’s a stupid statement, of course you know yourself better than anyone else, but the point is, me in real life is too complicated.

That being said…

Me in cyber world does mirror me quite well.

So for those who knows me from the net…

Bear in mind, you’re dealing with the real me. :)



Tomorrow, there'll be a class session for Mualaf (newly converted Muslims).

And surprise, surprise, I'll be the teacher.


Me: Urm, I thought I'll be teaching English-
Teacher: No, you'll be teaching religion.
Me: Urm...emm...ahh...
Teacher: Tuesday, 5pm!
Me: Umm...yeah. Enshallah.

Haaah...I wonder how that will turn out.

Enshallah khir :D


P/S: The point of this post, is to talk about my new job. But then, this post will become too short. Hence the pointless blabber above. :D I want to discuss further, but my brain refuses to cooperate at the moment. Because I have more important things to do. But I secretly want to blog. So blog it is. :D

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