Saturday, January 16, 2010

Optimistic vs Pessimistic

Nowadays, it seems as if I’ve been breathing the same air as the poets, indulging in their heartfelt words, envisioning their colorful illusions, desperately bewitching your soul into the land of sweetened fantasy.

A mere flick of the fingers brought me back to reality, and I realized that compared to them, I am much too callous and self-centered to be accepted into their circle of deep poise.

Not that I have to join their circle or anything, but it is interesting and extremely, extremely inspirational.

Somehow, I’ve been inspired by the darnedest things nowadays. My eyes will catch a sight of a picture and I’ll say, “Oh, that’s inspiring.” A melodic hum will land in my ears and I’ll say, “Wow, how inspiring.” An amusing one-liner made me chortle and I’ll retort, “Now that’s inspirational.”

Yet inspired was I, but not lethal enough to kill my laziness. It did sprinkle some positive vibes into my life, but truthfully, I don’t like being optimistic all the time. I suppose there are times when optimism is a must, and times where being pessimistic didn’t sound too bad.

Situation 1 – Getting my results

Optimistic Me thinks she’s going to ace it.
Optimistic Me gets a B.

Pessimistic Me thinks she’s going to fail.
Pessimistic Me gets a B.

See? Being too optimistic gives you false hope. And what’s worse, you’re probably going to get hurt more than you thought because of the high expectancy. I would rather be the pessimistic person and expect the worse. That way, you’re ready for any possible outcome thrown at your way.

It couldn’t get any worse than that, could it? Keeping your expectation low gives you more space for a slight happiness in the gloominess of day.

Then again, being pessimistic all the time isn’t that good either.

Situation 2 – Today is a freaking bad day.

Optimistic Me has the worst day in her life.
Optimistic Me says: That’s okay. At least I get to eat! And I’m still alive!
*sugar daisy flowery unicorn pukey blargh*

Pessimistic Me has the worst day in her life.
Pessimistic Me says: Told you so. Told you so. Told you so.
*…day gets even more badder...*

So I suppose if it’s a thing that will define your life, it’s better to keep your expectation low, but if it’s a continuous cycle, it’s fine to be optimistic.


Just keep your emotions in check. Being blank once in a while doesn’t sound too bad either.


Nashuha said...

i am so optimistic eventhough when i cooked rice, it became porridge..

i just tell myself.. nevermind, marry wif someone who knows how to cook rice for you... kekekeke~

Huda said...

Hah? XD

Nashuha's excuse of the lack of rice on the table: I wanna eat hot rice with my husband.

Poyo gile haish XDD